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Winch for Tow Dolly
Winch for Tow Dolly
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Winch for Tow Dolly

Style # 020-0305


Fultonís two speed winches make light work of heavy loads. For a quick pull in, use the fast speed, for an increase in mechanical advantage, use the lower speed. With Fultonís shift lock design, you can change gears without moving the crank handle from shaft to shaft. The neutral, free wheel position, allows you to quickly pay out the line, without the handle spinning.

Features and Benefits:

Capacity: 2,000 lb* Gear Ratio: 4.1:1 and 9.8:1 Handle Length: 10'' Comfort Grip Handle for Ease of Cranking Zinc Plated for Maximum Corrosion Resistance Max. Mechanical Adv.: 87:1** Ratchet Type: Two Way with Neutral Maximum Rope Storage: 20í x 7/16'' Maximum Strap Storage: 20í x 2'' Hub Size: Capacity is based on direct lift on first layer of recommended rope, strap or cable. The winch must be derated as additional layers are used. Derate the capacity 10% per additional layer of rope, strap, or cable. ** Max. Mech. Adv. is based on first layer of recommended line on the drum. For maximum efficiency use only the amount of line required. WARNING: Fulton winches are not designed to be a human hoist. NEVER operate when there are persons positioned on or under the load being moved. Fulton single speed and two speed winches are designed for boat trailer and other pulling applications which require the freewheeling feature of ratchet type winches. If moving loads requiring lifting, or positive load control in both directions, choose an Automatic Brake Winch such as Part No. K2550.

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