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Generator 7500 watt Ele Start
Generator 7500 watt Ele Start
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Generator 7500 watt Ele Start

Style # 090-0105

For those who want and need the very best this Honda powered Electric Start generator gives you an all USA made, heavy duty generator with (6) exclusive features.
EXCLUSIVE ''KLEEN-POWER'' design allows only 7% harmonic distortion of the generated power sine-wave. Harmful harmonic distortions over 10% may do damage to your plugged-in electric load.
EXCLUSIVE ''POWER-ASSIST'' design allows 35% more copper wire and electrical grade steel laminations. This gives you huge (50% surge over rated kw), extra starting power for hard starting electrical motors.
EXCLUSIVE HEAVY DUTY DIODES gives you a ''life time warranty'' from failure.
EXCLUSIVE, AUTOMATIC LOAD BALANCE eliminates load chatter and excessive vibration due to unbalanced electric loads.

CIRCUIT BREAKERS are the highest quality automatic protection available for generator.
GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS (GFCI) receptacles help protect operator from electric shock and provides OSHA/NEC compliance on the construction job-site.
VOLTMETER allows easy review of generator voltage output.
AUTOMATIC OIL SENSOR protects your engine from low oil level and automatically stops engine before damage happens.
SOLID STATE IGNITION with no points or condenser to replace.
ELECTRONIC STARTING makes the large 9kw through 14kw a simple matter with just a turn of the key switch.
EXTENDED RUN 4 GALLON fuel tank with filter, valve and fuel gauge, allows up to 12 hours continuous run on 3kw to 7.5kw sets.

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