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Salamander 34k btu Electric Heater
Salamander 34k btu Electric Heater
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Salamander 34k btu Electric Heater

Style # 100-0360

The Fostoria Heat Wave is safe, easy to operate, and saves valuable time on any job site. This odorless, flameless, portable electric heater provides the climate control you need for interior jobs without wasting time refueling. Even better, the popular '' Salamander '' models eliminate the need for dangerous fuel storage or the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products. Operation is simple; the Heat Wave's 800 CFM fan pushes ambient air over multiple heat coils while also recirculating air within the room until it reaches the temperature level set with the unit's thermostat. Unlike fuel-fired heaters, the Heat-Wave can be left unattended and is safe to use indoors for any task. THIS MODEL HAS A 50-AMP STRAIGHT BLADE RANGE PLUG FOR USE WITH A STANDARD RANGE OUTLET Features
Features:•Safety yellow heater enclosure
•Safety screens on air intake / output openings
•Long-life finned tubular heating elements
•Thermostat adjustment: 40 - 100 degrees Farenheit
•High-limit thermal cutout switch
•Magnetic contactor
•Phase 1
•Straight blade range plug for use with standard range outlet
•Factory pre-wired model with 10 ' long cable included
Specifications:•CFM ratings: 800 CFM / 10 kW
•Heat capacity: 34,130 btu / 42 amps / 240 volts
Dimensions:•Weight: 60 lbs

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