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Munters Portable Cooling Fan
Munters Portable Cooling Fan
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Munters Portable Cooling Fan

Style # 100-050600

Munters Mobile Cooling Fan

Style # 100-05060

This Munters CCX is developed to suit the cooling needs for a variety of events as well as small shops, offices, restaurants and smaller workshops. The CCX has a modern and stylish design with a fine display. CCx grant a cost effective solution for open door areas and in offices where the ventilation system is incapable to cool certain areas like conference rooms etc. The unit is very easy to move whenever it is needed.


The series are based on the natural principle of using water to regulate the temperature and refresh the air. The system creates a comfortable indoor climate with optimal combination of temperature and humidity. No chemicals are used.

An attractive exterior with wheels and integrated water tank makes it easy to move the unit around in your space. The water tank capacity provides up to 10 hours uninterrupted running time. Front outlet motor controlled diffusers make it easy to conduct the air in wished direction or letting the unit sweep horizontally. An exclusive centrifugal fan design minimizes the noise and reduces the disturbance in office environments

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