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Pitch Burster
Pitch Burster
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Pitch Burster

Style # 300-0501-0001


Dunk Tank Alternative

•Unique, new and always fun for: parties, fund-raisers, corporate and community events, carnivals, camps, promotions and more. Easy play for families, young kids, preteens and teens, adults of any age!
•Simplest low-risk water game you can find for special events - the water falls, people don't, so there are no size, age or physical restrictions.
•Not just water -- you can play with confetti in the balloons...or ''slime''...or flour...or any fun ''fillings'' --
•As much fun to watch as it is to play - they'll line up by the hundreds to try and splursh a VIP; non-playing kids even line up to sit and get splurshed!
•Goes anywhere - even plays well indoors when it's cold outside. Minimum space needed is only about 10' by 10'.
•Easily fits a minivan, SUV and most sedans; easy to set up in just 5 minutes
•Low water use -- delivers an entertaining splursh! with as little as a quart of water, and a total soaking with just a gallon in an 11-inch balloon
•Unlike traditional dunk tanks, there's no need for trailers, electric or plumbing hookups, or 500-gallon fill-ups

Rental Price: $79/day

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