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Boom Blaster Game
Boom Blaster Game
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Boom Blaster Game

Style # 300-0815

2-PERSON BLAST-OFF - Two people pump away to see who can be first to burst. A real crowd pleaser at special events! (REQUIRES 2 UNITS)

4-PERSON BLAST-OFF - Can be played as 4 people competing to win, OR, 2 teams play until one team bursts BOTH of its balloons. [Can be adapted for any number of games]

TAG TEAM BOOM RELAY - Two (or more) teams line up about 10 feet from the Boom Blaster units. At the start each person runs to the Boom Detonator, pumps handle 5 times, runs back to tag the hand of the next person. This is repeated until the winning team bursts its balloon!

Requires 11'' balloons.

Rental Price: $30/day

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