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Black & White Dance Floor
Black & White Dance Floor
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Black & White Dance Floor

Style # 370-0104-5

Black and White indoor/outdoor dance floor. Works great for outdoor wedding. No subfloor required. Large Square Panels - Spacious panels are 4’ x 4’16sq ft., almost twice the area compared to 3 foot squares or 9 sq. ft.
•Square panels guarantee's a perfect fit every time.
•Continuous Planking Design - Provides a beautiful floor that will enhance your event.
•Visi-Trim Anodized Border Trim Edging - Each section of border trim provides a modest 11° slope and a broad 6.25'' width (159mm) allowing for easy access to every floor. •Each trim piece is grooved to make it a slip resistant surface.

Floor Size -- Dancers

8'x 8' ------ 16
8'x12' ------ 24
8'x16' ------ 32
12'x16'------ 48
12'x20' ------ 60
16'x16' ------ 64
16'x20' ------ 80
16'x24' ------ 96
20'x20' ------ 100

Rental Price: $25/day 4'x4' panel

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